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Our History

Commitment and Innovation

We were born in Colombia as a new alternative for young people, offering high quality collections with the most important global trends of the moment.


We are a consolidated family business, with professionalized personnel and a strengthened and consolidated organizational process in all areas, that will market in Latin America and in new markets, fulfilling with full customer satisfaction and a policy of responsibility, respect and compliance with suppliers and employees.

Our commitment to fashion and innovation is constant, we focus on a young, urban, fresh and versatile segment, with the best quality and details that make the difference, for this reason we design each garment with innovative processes both on the outside and inside.

Elaboration process

At Blezzky we are inspired to design, manufacture and sell clothing that can inspire and influence men’s fashion.


we can transform our product into a flagship of our brand.

Every material, every detail and article that make up our products, have been evaluated and selected for the design and manufacture of a product that represents us worldwide, managing to project passion and style throughout our clothing line.

Our Art

Skinny fit overalls


It guarantees comfort and versatility when performing any type of activity.


Unparalleled quality, soft, elastic and all-terrain resistant.


Reinforcement that guarantees the union of every detail of our overalls. With design and mold of our brand, guaranteeing quality and prestige.


Style that blezzky has provided to this short, to be at the forefront of male fashion.


For an outdoor walk or a meeting between friends. Thousands of occasions can occur to you.


A Thousands of combinations can come up with this slim short. It makes the difference and be the center of attention between friends.

Slim short overalls

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